A Nuevolution BET-BD1 selective inhibitor shows potential anticancer effect with immunotherapy in a mouse model of colorectal cancer

Stockholm, 21 February 2019. Nuevolution AB (publ) (NUE.ST) today announced first animal preclinical data suggesting a potential positive synergistic anticancer effect of combining Nuevolution’s BET-BD1 compound, NUE20798, with an antibody immunotherapy.

Nuevolution has developed potent and selective compounds, with a benign safety profile targeting the first bromodomain of the BET family of proteins. Previous data from the program have identified specific genes responsible for human fibrosis to be potently suppressed by our BET-BD1 inhibitors thereby supporting a potential use for such inhibitors in treatment of human fibrotic diseases.

Based on these preliminary data, Nuevolution have now initiated further cancer model studies using NUE20798 to investigate for dose-dependent activity and tumor fibrosis biomarker responses. If also positive, such further data may expand development options for the Nuevolution BET-BD1 program within cancer combination treatments, complementing the current route within fibrotic diseases and atopic dermatitis.

About the study:
Multiple cancers have a shielding protective fibrosis surrounding the tumors that may reduce the efficacy of many anticancer treatments. Based on the positive anti-fibrotic data from BET-BD1 inhibitors, Nuevolution initiated the testing of NUE20798 in combination with an antibody targeting PD1 (immunotherapy checkpoint inhibitor, which activates immune response against the tumor cells) exploring the potential for reducing cancer fibrosis and thereby increase anticancer efficacy in a mouse model of colorectal cancer.

In the syngeneic preclinical cancer model, the effect on tumor growth of either anti-PD1 antibody (immunotherapy) or NUE20798 administered as mono-therapy or as a combination treatment was examined. Whereas NUE20798, as expected, had no effect on the growth of the Implanted tumor cells as single agent, the combination with an anti-PD1 inhibitor suggests a potential enhancing effect of NUE20798 on anti-PD1. These preliminary data may argue that NUE20798, possibly through counteracting tumor promoted fibrosis, may have a potential synergistic effect in combination with immunotherapy resulting in a reduced tumor growth rate. The indicative positive outcome of this study is in line with our data supporting both an anti-fibrotic mechanism of our BET-BD1 inhibitors, and potential future treatment options for severe human fibrosis diseases and as co-treatment for multiple cancers with high fibrosis levels such as pancreatic cancers.

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