Message from the CEO

Dear shareholder, Dear reader,

From Nuevolution’s press release dated Stockholm, 14 December 2018, following Nuevolution’s Board of Directors’ and Management’s half-year review of the company’s portfolio of development programs and associated business and patent strategy:


  • Positive progress observed in all existing partnerships and across own programs
  • Strong commitment to continue investments in realizing success from existing partnerships
  • New business opportunities to remain focused on partnerships with true long-term value
  • Increased monitoring and potential legal enforcement actions to be taken of potential infringement of the company’s 274 granted technology platform patents

Partnered and own projects
The Board concluded that Nuevolution’s partnered projects with Almirall, Amgen and Janssen all continue to progress positively and as planned.

The company’s broad portfolio of own programs has matured very well during the last six months, with two new attractive programs (RIPK1 and TYK2) being rapidly progressed. The IL-17A program recently presented positive effect in an important animal model for psoriasis, and the company’s BET BD1 program is on-track towards program candidate nomination shortly.

Business strategy
The Board reiterated the company’s commitment and its business focus on realizing success from its existing partnerships, and to diligently pursue new partnerships, but maintain focus on partnerships that offer true long-term value to the company and its shareholders.

Nuevolution operates the world’s largest and most drug-like research platform (Chemetics®) for discovery of tablet-based (small molecules) medicines. The platform also includes a completely revised process for optimization of screening hit molecules to development program candidates compared to the industry conventional approach. Nuevolution’s powerful approach provide significantly faster access to a considerable higher number of advanced molecules of higher quality throughout the research phase.

Nuevolution’s drug discovery approach accelerates projects from idea to highly valuable candidate assets as demonstrated by the broad portfolio of high-quality programs (partnered and own) that has been established and further progressed.

In pursuit of partnerships, Nuevolution will therefore continue to have its focus on collaborations that allows Nuevolution to deploy its complete platform and skills beyond simple screening activities to maximize value generated for partners and Nuevolution.

Business activities
Partnership discussions has progressed positively and have been focused around:

  • Research & Development collaborations
  • Platform-based collaborations
  • Out-licensing of Nuevolution’s programs

Strong patent position
To protect the application of its proprietary drug discovery platform, Nuevolution maintains its investments to keep and expand its strong and broad patent position with 274 granted patents representing thousands of patent claims protecting all operational and product aspects.

Nuevolution’s board and management has decided to increase the monitoring of the technology platform field for potential infringement of its patent estate and may take legal actions to enforce patent rights as appropriate, and as optimal for the company’s business strategy.

Stockholm, 8 February 2019

Alex Haahr Gouliaev, CEO
Nuevolution AB (publ)

This message does not change the conclusion of any messages previously released by Nuevolution AB (publ) in connection with its prospectus, press releases and interim reports.