Dear new shareholder,

First of all, thank you for having supported Nuevolution with its IPO, and rest assured that the company will invest the proceeds with great care in execution of its strategy.

Nuevolution’s major pre-IPO and post-IPO shareholders SEB Venture Capital, SEB Ütvecklingsstiftelsen, Sunstone Capital and Industrifonden, management and board are all set, to do exactly what we have stated in the prospectus and during the roadshow with maximum efforts to realize the businesses projected.

Being a small cap firm, we are cognizant of the fact, that we have to work intensively to gain continuous interest in our stock. This is of particular importance for a First North company, where bigger Scandinavian institutional investors are less available. We see our IPO as the start of a campaign that has only just begun. This will include face-to-face investor presentations in Scandinavia and abroad, presentations of Nuevolution’s programs in detail at capital markets days and regular presentations to private investors, where we will stand up for critique and Q/A. We are planning to do blogs with our investors, and we are preparing analysts. It is a process, which is already in motion, and where we will have the next set of meeting with investors in early January at the JP Morgan conference.

We remain committed to apply our very unique high performance low cost platform for discovery of tablet based medicines in the discovery of new medicines for treatment of cancer and chronic inflammatory diseases, and to work adamantly for creation of shareholder value.

We have a strong patent position with 11 patent families and more than 100 issued patents covering our technology platform. We have filed a suit to the Danish Maritime and Commercial High Court to obtain the ownership of one further patent family, which we believe, Nuevolution is the rightful owner of. This court will not make its final ruling in the early part 2016. Nuevolution continues to seek an expansion and strengthening of its patent position with the means needed and as optimal for the company. We consider patents to be an essential element for optimal business development.

On the business side and until today, we have executed 15 agreements and realized more than SEK 370 million in revenues. Capitalizing on our research on a continuous basis and seeking to mitigate risk, remains primary objectives. With the proceeds from the IPO and during the next 3 years, we are determined to realize five to six business opportunities with the goal to have 3 to 4 of these out-licensed to partners in exchange of upfront payments, milestones and royalties, and with the goal to keep one to two of these valuable programs for our own further development. In addition, we will produce the seeds for the business to happen post year three. With our multiple shots at goal and our operational approach, we take many measures to mitigate the risks both in science and business in realization of the strategy.

As a general rule, we wish to inform, that we will not comment on rumors in the market about Nuevolution, and we will not comment on development of our share price. We must stay 100% focused on execution of the company strategy and value creation, but we will obviously and must report all significant events to the stock exchange according to all applicable rules.

This message does not change the conclusion of any messages previously released by Nuevolution AB (publ.) in connection with its prospectus dated November 20, 2015.

With these words, I kindly welcome you as a new investor in Nuevolution AB (publ.),

December 18, 2015

Alex Haahr Gouliaev
Chief Executive Officer
Nuevolution AB (publ.)