Each year, millions of patients and their families are affected by cancer and autoimmune diseases, which continue to represent therapeutic areas of significant unmet medical need.

Recent landmark discoveries uncovering how cells of the human immune system communicate within the human body, the increasing understanding of tumor micro environment, and continuous identification of biological components and their interplay involved in tumor cell survival and growth, has unraveled novel biological disease targets for development of potential breakthrough treatments of the future.

Development of a large number of new medicines against these targets will be required, if we are to optimally and safely treat all patients suffering from cancer and autoimmune diseases.


With our highly efficient Chemetics® drug discovery platform, Nuevolution is uniquely positioned to immediately capitalize on the rapidly developing understanding of the biology involved in cancer and inflammatory diseases.

At Nuevolution, we apply our discovery platform by screening billions of small molecules (in the search for tablet based medicine) against about 15 biological disease targets annually with the aim to identify novel, safe and efficacious treatment of cancer and chronic inflammatory diseases, and with the hope to be able to improve quality of life and life expectancy for patients.

We are dedicated to discovery of new medicines addressing unmet needs for serious diseases. In our internal drug development activities, we have a strategic focus towards unmet needs in inflammatory diseases, oncology and immunooncology.

Our efforts are leveraged by a proven and highly efficient drug discovery engine, and backed by a skilled and dedicated team of employees, world-class academic and corporate expert advisers catalyzing our ambition to deliver new medicines to patients.

To learn more about our current programs in development please refer to the pipeline section.



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Chronic inflammatory diseases have seen some benefit from the introduction of highly expensive biologics-based therapies as exemplified by the recent marked improvement in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis. However, chronic inflammation and autoimmune diseases still represent areas of significant unmet and under-served needs.

Through direct targeting of key cytokines and pathways regulating cytokine expression, we are building a portfolio of promising preclinical anti-inflammatory candidates providing hope for curative or improved disease-modifying small molecule therapies, offering patients a tablet-based medicine with better safety and at lower cost.


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More than one hundred human diseases are characterized by somatic mutation of key cellular control genes, often resulting in the formation of cancerous tumors. As we unravel the heterogeneity and molecular pathogenesis of cancer, and identify the underlying genetic changes driving the transformation of a normal cell into a cancer cell, we open the route to targeted treatment of individual tumors.

At Nuevolution, we focus on developing small-molecule personalized medicine therapeutics inhibiting key oncogenic pathways.


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Immune evasion is a recently recognized hallmark of many cancers, where tumor progression is associated with immune suppression within the tumor micro-environment. Activating and/or unleashing the immune system to attack the tumor cells have the potential to provide spectacular treatment success within a select set of cancers.

At Nuevolution, we are leveraging the potential of small molecules enabling future medicines in immuno-oncology, effectively reactivating the cancer patient’s own immune system, when this has been ‘silenced’ by tumour cells.


At Nuevolution we have a special focus on targeting TH17 disease biology, in this video we introduce the relevance of TH17 biology in diseases and how we address needs with new therapies.

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