Nuevolution has developed a proprietary drug discovery platform Chemetics®, a unique, patent protected hybrid of proven wet chemistry and molecular biology, which represents the ultimate drug discovery platform for both identification and optimization of hits to drug candidates. Chemetics® enables DNA encoded synthesis of billions of chemically diverse (different) drug-like small molecule compounds, and the efficient screening and optimization of these, facilitating effective identification of drug candidates at an unprecedented speed and scale.

The Chemetics® platform has been perfected to maximize probability for identification of small molecule compounds, such that tablet based medicines can be realized at higher speed, lower cost and better quality.



The Chemetics® platform embraces established processes of high throughput based drug discovery, however the scale and speed enabled with the Chemetics® platform elevates the drug discovery process to an unprecedented level of efficiency. The unique Chemetics® libraries expands the accessible numbers of drug candidates by order of magnitudes and the evolutionary screening principles applied opens paths to better and faster development of new medicines.

You can read more detailed descriptions of the process steps in the boxes below.

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During the synthesis phase, a collection of drug-like molecules is synthesized as a mixture (a library of compounds). Typically, each mixture consists of hundreds of millions to billions and even up to trillions of diverse molecules.

Each molecule within such a mixture consists of the screening molecule (typically a small molecule), a DNA-sequence (code) (or another type of oligonucleotide) and a linker, which allows the DNA-code, and the small molecule to be physically attached to each other.

The DNA-code serves as a “barcode” holding the information for the structure of the small molecule. Nuevolution’s combined small molecules for screening exceeds the number of compounds applied by a typical pharmaceutical company by at least 1000 fold.

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During Nuevolution´s screening of a biological disease target, hundreds of millions to billions of molecules are exposed as mixture to the biological target simultaneously. In this screening step inactive compounds are eliminated and active compounds are isolated.

This process applies a “survival of the fittest (best)” molecules principle. The structures of the active compounds are then determined by sequencing of the DNA-code.

By application of this principle, Nuevolution is capable of scaling conventional screening applied by large pharmaceutical companies by a factor of 1,000 to one million, enabling a significantly higher success rate in identifying appropriate molecules for further drug optimization.

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During the hit to lead optimization phase (H2L) where further compounds must be synthesized to further improve drug properties, Nuevolution has developed its platform to increase the productivity of compounds by 10-100 fold, and at the same time lower the cost for production of each of these by 10-50 fold compared to conventional techniques used by pharmaceutical companies.

This enables Nuevolution to fine-tune its compounds faster, cheaper and by use of fewer resources than with conventional methods before entering the final lead optimization phase (LO) and Candidate selection process.


Overall, the Chemetics® platform therefore allows Nuevolution to pursue many more biological disease targets in shorter time, and at lower cost compared to companies applying conventional techniques.

Through application of its proprietary Chemetics® drug discovery platform, Nuevolution will pursue multiple biological disease targets against billions of molecules each year in the search for novel medicines for more efficacious, safer and personalized treatment of cancer and chronic inflammatory diseases.


The Chemetics® technology combines principles of natural selection, brute force and innovation into a powerful platform for drug discovery and development.

In the video we explain, in metaphoric terms, the concept of Chemetics® and how this platform enables a radical change to how drug discovery can be conducted.

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